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2-1 What are those tiny, black, jumping bugs I see on my window sills in Spring and Summer?

Although we can't be certain without actually examining the insect you might be seeing, in your area the most common insect that meets a client's description is a Springtail.  These small little insects are commonly confused with fleas because they jump.  A Springtail is very, very tiny and usually black.  Although they are harmless to people and pets, Springtails can quickly become a nuisance due to their large numbers and their tendency to invade your home through doorways and window sills. 

Springtail Photo by Drees 

Springtails have 3 pairs of legs used for movement, but they also possess a curved, forked tail which is tucked under their abdomen.  Springtails use their tail for forward motion by allowing it to act like a spring device, propelling them forward.  When the spring motion occurs, we see these insects appear to jump much like fleas do.  Springtails are often spotted in kitchens and bathrooms, and outdoor areas where moisture is present.  They can also be introduced into your home through potting soil contained in plant planters.  Regular pest control treatments for the exterior of your home greatly reduce the opportunity for Springtails to flourish near enough to the structure to make entry


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