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Complete Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Home is family. Home is sanctuary. Its a place just for you, and your enjoyment. Your home is your private space, but when insect problems start, an infestation can cause problems ranging from nuisance to dangerous for you and yours. Take ants for example. These little unwanted guests can be a nuisance by making sporadic appearances in the kitchen foraging for food, or might be fire ants in the yard building mounds and colonies that become dangerous for unsuspecting children enjoying the yard. Strikeforce Pest Control Company, and its licensed exterminators can help.

Our motto is simple:"We sell what you need, not what we want you to have." Customers look for services offering honesty and value. Our straightforward approach to effective home and business pest control allows us to develop personal relationships with our clients. Our treatments are designed as individual treatment programs for different types of properties, and problems. All of our efforts are made with one goal in mind: your satisfaction.

Strikeforce is a full service pest and termite company. We offer general pest control services for common household insects such as roaches, spiders, fire ants, and other pests.We also offer more specialized services for termites, such as termite treatments, termite inspections, and preventative programs. In addition, we have services available for bee removal, rodent trapping and removal, and a variety of annual pest maintenance programs for you to choose from.

Are you buying, selling, or refinancing a home? Most lenders and title companies require an official State Of Texas Wood-Destroying Insect Report, commonly referred to as a termite inspection report. Termite inspections are required for most FHA, VA, and conventional home loans. These termite inspection reports are completed after a thorough inspection is conducted at the home. The inspection is not only for termite activity, but also carpenter ant infestations since they are also wood-destroying insects. In many instances, lenders will not close on a real estate transaction until a termite inspection report is forwarded to them. Strikeforce termite specialists conduct thorough termite inspections, and we forward the official Texas Wood-Destroying Insect Report to you, or the lender of your choice. Our goal is to conduct termite inspections, and have the termite report to you within 24 hours of inspection. Give us a call. Give us a try. Homes are huge investments. We can help make sure termites are not a part of the purchase.

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